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Sprint Driving School Melbourne

has got a friendly team of professional driving instructors who will guide you to a successful drive test result . Our young and dynamic male and female driving instructors are patient with Vic Roads accreditation, Who have been involved in the driver training industry for many years.

Get your P-Plates with Sprint Driving SchoolSprint Driving School’s driving lessons are priced very competitively as all our driving instructors are based locally within Melbourne eliminating excessive travel expenses. Our driving school’s Melbourne services range from beginner driving lessons to intensive courses as well as overseas license change-overs. Sprint driving school will tailor the right driver education program to suit any learner driver.

Also please check our various driver education options, hard to beat charging rate, and special offers. To start your driving lessons please sms,call or E mail. Our driving instructor will match all your driving training requirements .

If you have any further questions about our driving school services or even want to book driving lessons in Melbourne, feel free to contact us anytime.

Sprint Driving School

The best run for your money!

Tips How To Pass Your Driving Test

The new Victorian driving test is made of two stages. Once completed you will be able to proceed from learner driver to a probationary licence holder. 1st year you will have a red P plate The following 3 years will be green P plate total 4 year probationary period.

Sprint driving schools’ instructors and driving classes will be able to shape your driving skills so you can pass your driving test 1st attempt with flying colors.

Sprint driving schools’ instructors run driving classes 7 days a week all over Melbourne metro.

The Vic Roads testing officer will conduct the driving test in one of our new driving school cars auto or manual of your choice.

In stage 1 (10 min ) of your practical driving test which will be conducted in a less challenging traffic environments tester will ask learner driver to perform the following driving tasks:
  1. Pre drive check
  2. Right turn from a non priority road
  3. Left turn from a non priority road
  4. Lane change left to right and vise versa
  5. Reverse parallel park OR three point turn

In a driving test situation you only get points once you perform a driving task legally, safely and in the correct sequence.
So having few driving classes before the Victorian driving test will help you to maximize your score.
In any case our driving school will grant you a free driving class before test on test day.

Stage 2 (20 min)

The purpose of stage two is to assess the applicant driving ability in busier day to day traffic environment Stage 2 of the test route uses roads with medium to heavy traffic and speed limits of 60 to 80 km/h.

In stage two of the practical driving test learner driver will ask to perform the following:

  1. Right turn from a non priority road
  2. Right turn across one and two lanes of oncoming traffic
  3. Left turn from a non priority road
  4. Left turn from a priority road
  5. Lane change left to right and vise verse (in a busy road)
  6. Merge lanes
  7. Straight drive medium to high speed

Our driver education program & driving classes will guarantee your driving test success.

Sprint Driving School – The best run for your money

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