Driving schools

As some drive schools may ask the learner to come to the drive schools our driving instructor will come to you at your convenience. It can be home, school , work. Over the weekdays or weekend

With all driving schools Instructor may runs late 5 to 15 min as there is heavy traffic or road blockage however Sprint Drive School policy is ; driving lesson starts from the time learner is in the training vehicle .

Our admin skilled team will attend the phone 1800 353 944 6 days a week Sunday to Friday. Sprint Driving School enable learners to book driving lessons on line http://www.aasprint.com.au/online-bookings/

In case you have to study the Victorian Traffic Handbook follow the link for a free traffic handbook http://www.aasprint.com.au/training-programs/

Most of driving schools in Melbourne will practice driving around the Vic Roads testing area At Sprint Drive School Instructor will also conduct a test assessment around the actual official driving Test runs before booking your real drive test , that will give the best indication about the learner driver driving skills and help to select the right time to book the drive test to ensure success .

Drive lessons vouchers can be also purchase on line http://www.aasprint.com.au/gift-vouchers/ or just call our free toll number 1800 353 944



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