Driving Instructors Melbourne

Your Driving Instructor is the key person in your driving training venture.
Sprint driving school in Melbourne will assign for your driver training program a qualify experience Driving Instructor. each and every  Driving  Instructor has been involved in the driving training industry in Melbourne for many years.
Our Melbourne Driving   instructors  will be at your door step at your convenience with your choice of car Auto or Manual  . All cars are dual pedals and comprehensively insured for learner drivers.
Our Melbourne Driving Instructor can collect you for your driver training at your home, university, school, work,or   or any other location around Melbourne.
Driving Instructor is accredited by all the state and federal authorities in Victoria Australia.
Our  Melbourne  Driving    Instructors are familiar with the following ;
1. The driving test criteria and standards (as per vic roads requirements). knowing those one will help you maximize your score in a drive test situation – to help you pass.
2. The Vic Roads business procedure to get smooth transition from L to P .
3. The latest variety of driving training methods   to help you go through the process smooth and easy
4. The fixed testing runs around any Vic Roads of your choice around the Melbourne Metro area (its a great advantage to know the test route as a learner before driving through it in a driving test situation)
Above all Sprint Driving School’s driving instructor will be able to help you to stay calm, stress free and having fun during the driving lessons,
In some areas around Melbourne we also can provide Female driving instructor, which can be important from personal/cultural reasons.
Now you have got all reasons to pick up the ph and dial our toll free number 1800 353 944 for your Melbourne driving-instructor or just book on line via the link http://www.aasprint.com.au/online-bookings/ and start your driver training at a time that suit you.
Sprint Driving School – The best run for your money



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