Looking for Driving Schools in Melbourne?

Sprint Driving School Melbourne has got a team of  a professional driving instructors who have got the knowledge and experience to help you pass your driving test 1st time. Our Melbourne driving school can help with  intensive driving lessons that help you get your license faster to a guaranteed pass drive course.  pass your driving test first time round or the second time is free! Driving instructors will come to your home/work . Our driving school covers the whole Melbourne metro area.    Sprint Driving School Melbourne will be able to help with ALL your driving  school’ s  services

Beginners driving lessons.                       Switch over from Auto to Manual.

Driving with Trams.                                    Refresher Driving Lessons.

Hook turns.                                                     Overseas change over license

Reverse into tight spots                             Night & Freeway Driving

Male & Female driving instructors   .   Driving school’ s services   available  7 days

The benefits of attending Sprint Driving School Melbourne

The privilege of driving a car should always be taken seriously.  When you are behind the wheel you are responsible for the lives of everyone in your car including yourself , so before you take to the open highway it’s important to get it right.  That’s where it helps to attend Sprint Driving School Melbourne. Our driving instructor will make sure you learn the rules of the road so that you can become the safest and most knowledgeable driver possible.


When you attend Sprint Driving School Melbourne our driving instructor will help you gain the confident you need to become a competent driver, lack of confidence as well as overconfidence is dangerous. When you attend Sprint Driving School Melbourne you will gain the proper level of confidence in knowing that you are equipped to handle nearly any driving situation.

Avoid common dangers

The number of teens who are injured and killed in traffic accident each year is simply too many. Teens are the group most likely to die in a vehicle related accidents, and most of those deaths are avoidable. When you engage with Sprint Driving School Melbourne our Melbourne based driving instructor will teach you the major pitfalls associated with driving and that will help you evolve into a safe adult driver.

Take the time to attend Sprint Driving School Melbourne the time you take now with our driving instructor could save lives in future.


Hot Line  Booking   1800 353 944       On Line  Booking can be made

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Driving instructors melbourne Aasprint

Your Driving Instructor is the key person in your driving training venture.
Sprint driving school in Melbourne will assign for your driver training program a qualify experience Driving Instructor. each and every  Driving  Instructor has been involved in the driving training industry in Melbourne for many years.
Our Melbourne Driving   instructors  will be at your door step at your convenience with your choice of car Auto or Manual  . All cars are dual pedals and comprehensively insured for learner drivers.
Our Melbourne Driving Instructor can collect you for your driver training at your home, university, school, work,or   or any other location around Melbourne.


Guaranteed Pass Course

We are so sure of our ability to teach that we give you The Sprint Guarantee….

The Sprint Guarantee is that you will pass your driving test on your 1st attempt or else we will pay the VIC roads booking fee for the second time. Driving lessons for this package is $38 per 45 minutes.

Worth it for the peace of mind!

Special Offers

Whichever package you wish to choose you will get one driving lesson for only $35 per 45 minutes.

Plus, if you say the phrase that pays, “Sprint Driving School is the best run for your money”, you will get one free driving lesson before the test on that day!!

Please call us anytime on 1800 353 944 or book your driving lessons with us online.

If you are not in a hurry, please click on the icon or link below to email us:booking@aasprint.com.au

24-Hour booking hot line, service is our business!

Happy Safe Driving!!


Driving Lessons – Packages and Offers

Driving Lessons – Packages and Offers

Intensive Driving Programs Melbourne

Intensive Course

Need your licence urgently??….

We can help with our comprehensive intensive course.
Our instructors will attend to you as often as you like. However, since priority will be given to your lessons, a small extra charge will apply.

Driving Lessons will be at $38 per 45 minutes.

This is worthwhile for getting your licence faster!


Overseas License

Have you got an overseas license ?
if you hold an overseas license it will help to make the process of getting a Victorian license easier and quicker.

First  you   will have to check if there are further good news for you  as your country of origin that issue your overseas license  might be in the list of exempted countries and that means  to get your license converted to a Victorian license  you will not have to do any test follow the links to check that one http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/NR/exeres/7E10681C-4AA4-4E6C-9D2E-EC4363EDEFAB,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published#exempt

In case the country that issue your license is not in this list,  to get your overseas license converted  to a Victorian license you will have to go through the following process


Online Booking

** Please Note: You need 3 days advance notice to use this booking form – otherwise please call to book

Sprint Driving School offers booking of driving lessons to be done online as one of our great services to you.

To do a booking with us online, simply fill up the form below. Please enter all the required fields with your appropriate details for a faster response and quality service.

In order to match your requested time slot for a driving lesson with us, please give us notice at least 72 hrs beforehand. This is so that we can confirm with you the driving lesson time that you indicated. Hence, we require your contact details for this.

Thank you for choosing Sprint Driving School.